Beyond the Flame Retardant Dilemma: What’s Next?


This by-invitation-only workshop brought together manufacturers, retailers, and large purchasers to learn how to reduce the use of the most harmful chemicals through a class-based approach. There were presentations by subject matter experts as well as small and large group discussions. Topics included an update on changing flammability standards, Six Classes of harmful chemicals found in consumer products, and an investigation into fluorinated stain-repellents and antimicrobials.

Date: Thursday, February 11, 2016
Time: 8:30AM – 5:00PM
Location: The Faculty Club, Berkeley, California, USA

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8:30am: The Class Concept: Flame Retardants, Antimicrobials, and Fluorinated Chemicals

01Arlene Blum, PhD
Visiting Scholar, Chemistry, UC Berkeley; Executive Director, Green Science Policy Institute
Six Classes: Policy and Purchasing for Healthier Products

02Justin Paddock, JD
Chief, California Bureau of Electronics Appliance Repair, Home Furnishings and Thermal Insulation (BEARHFTI)
Progress on the New California Flammability Standard

03Christopher Lau, PhD
Scientist, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Exposure and Health Impacts of Highly Fluorinated Chemicals

04Martin Mulvihill, PhD
Partner, Safer Made; Entrepreneur in Residence, Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry
Antimicrobials: When Do We Need Them?

05Gail Krowech, PhD
Staff Toxicologist, CA Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment
Constructing Chemical Groups for Biomonitoring in California

11:15am: Discussion: Challenges with Flame Retardant Regulation and the Class Concept

1:00pm: Industry Actions and the Class Concept

06Roberta Dessi, LLM
Secretary General, European Furniture Industries Confederation (EFIC)
Issues around Flame Retardants in Furniture in the European Union

07Bill Perdue
VP Regulatory Affairs, American Home Furnishings Alliance (AHFA)
AHFA’s Progress on the New Standard and Fabric Treatments

08Clinton Boyd
Principal, Global Environmental Sustainability, Steelcase
Steelcase’s Strategy for Product Materials Chemistry

09Malin Nasman
Product Services & Compliance Specialist, IKEA North America Services
IKEA’s Chemical Policy

10Jennifer MacDaniel
Project Principal, Kaiser Permanente
Kaiser Permanente’s Health and Wellness Strategy: Avoiding Chemicals of Concern

2:30pm Discussion: Next Steps for Healthier Products

3:45pm Further plans, action steps, and commitments