Cairns Science and Policy of Flame Retardants Session – August 26, 2012

Event: Cairns Science and Policy of Flame Retardants Session
Date & Time: Sunday, August 26, 2012 – 10:30 – 16:30
Location: Cairns, Australia

01Arlene Blum, UC Berkeley and Green Science Policy Institute, USA,
How science can impact flammability standards and regulations: case studies

02Pim Leonards, Environmental Studies, VU University Amsterdam, Netherlands
EU flammability standards and ENFIRO

03Neeta Thacker, Chief Scientist, National Environmental Engineering Research Institute, India
The flame retardant industry in India

04Stuart Harrad, University of Birmingham, UK and Miriam Diamond, University of Toronto, Canada
Canadian flammability standards and INTERFLAME
Synergising international studies of contamination with organic flame retardant chemicals

05Åke Bergman, Stockholm University, Sweden
Status of flammability standards in Sweden

06Martin Scheringer, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland
Flammability standards and the lock-in problem in the substitution of chemical products in switzerland