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Getting the most out of our redesigned website

One month ago, Green Science Policy Institute launched our redesigned website for 2014. We reimagined the structure and layout from the ground up to help us achieve our mission of getting important information to the consumers, retailers, manufacturers and decision-makers who need it most. The redesign begins with the homepage. A regularly updated visual grid highlights our most active topics and exhibits “featured” items such as major new findings, policy decisions, or upcoming events.  From there, our updated About Us…

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USGBC honors leaders, unveils new building health initiative

The US Green Building Council Northern California Chapter’s annual Super Hero Awards gala, held last Tuesday in San Francisco, honored leaders in the nonprofit, education, and government sectors for their work in generating healthy, sustainable, and responsible communities and policies. The evening highlighted achievements ranging from efficient and affordable community planning to safer chemicals use in consumer and building products to environmentally responsible corporate investment. During the event, USGBC-NCC Executive Director Dan Geiger launched the chapter’s new Building Health Initiative, which will focus…

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Your support made our 2012 successes possible!

Thank you to our supporters who have helped us protect human health and the global environment from harmful chemicals in 2012. Some of our accomplishments this year: Our study showing toxic flame retardants in 85% of studied couches will help support regulatory change to increase fire safety without harmful chemicals. Read more on the Scientific American blog.   Our paper “Flame retardants in building insulation: a case for re-evaluating building codes” launched the Safer Insulation Solution project to reduce toxic flame…

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