Animals and Pets

New York Times: Chemicals in your popcorn?

June 4 2015

What do a pizza box, a polar bear and you have in common? All carry a kind of industrial toxicant called poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances, or PFASs, that do two things: They make life convenient, and they also appear to increase the risk of cancer.…

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National Geographic: These Chemicals in Pizza Boxes and Carpeting Last Forever

May 1 2015

Bottlenose dolphins swimming in a South Carolina harbor, polar bears lumbering across Greenland’s ice sheets, and families inhabiting Ohio River Valley towns share a common secret: Their bodies contain high levels of industrial chemicals that most people have never heard of but are widely used in consumer products. These perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) have been used to manufacture many microwave popcorn bags, carpets, fast-food wrappers, pizza boxes, camping gear, and cookware.…

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Killer whales and the scientists working to save them

There is no documented case of a wild orca killing a human. It’s time we returned the favor by protecting the health, habitat, and viability of this highly intelligent, vocal, social and powerful species. Orca face many threats including degradation of their hunting habitats, overfishing of their food, disturbance from sea vessels, warming oceans, and chemical pollution. They are exposed to toxic chemicals, some of which have been banned for decades and some in current use. Dr. Peter Ross is…

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