Another “candle standard” bites the dust

April 6, 2015. Once again, an IEC candle standard that would have led to the unnecessary use of harmful flame retardants in electronics enclosures worldwide was rejected at the international level on March 20, 2015. The standard was voted down by a wide margin, with “No” votes from 16 countries: Austria, China, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, Italy, Republic of Korea, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland and the UK. Canada, Hungary, Slovenia, Sweden, and the US abstained. Thank you…

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The Candle Standard Saga Continues

February 16, 2015. By March 20, 2015, committees in over 50 countries will vote regarding the “candle standard” IEC 62441/Ed1. This standard defines requirements for the external casings of electronics to resist ignition by a small candle flame. Such “candle standards” for electronics do not increase fire safety, and are primarily met with flame retardant chemicals that are harmful to human health and ecosystems and prevent the efficient recycling of plastics. The problems with external ignition standards for electronics are…

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Health & Environment: The TV fire and flame retardant controversy: deconstructing the data

24 Mar 2014

Whether or not candles cause TV fires has been a cause of controversy, with a recurring argument between those who believe that a standard for ignition resistance is necessary for television manufacture, and those who believe such a standard results in excessive use of environmentally hazardous flame retardant chemicals. Instrumental to the case in favour of the ignition standard is data presented in a series of papers derived from an obscure estimate of causes of fire in Sweden.…

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Scientific American: Do we need flame retardants in electronics?

28 Jan 2014

Fear of fires, especially from lit cigarettes, helped ignite the decades-long practice of adding fire retardant chemicals to furniture and other household items. But evidence that some of the chemicals could cause cancer or other health problems eventually led to a protracted fight to get them out of furniture.…

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Are flame retardants the secret ingredient in your home-cooked meals?

A new study has found that brominated flame retardants are present in black thermo cups and kitchen utensils bought in Europe. These types of chemicals have been linked to a number of adverse health effects in humans and animals including cancer. In Europe, the recycling of electronic waste is strictly regulated under EU law as it often contains brominated flame retardants. This recycled waste is not allowed to be used in a number of consumer products, including food contact articles.…

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Another unneeded “candle” standard defeated

March 28, 2013. Once again, proposed European for external candle flame requirements for television enclosures were defeated. This is the sixth time since 2008 that GSP and our NGO colleagues have prevented an unneeded flammability standard for electronics promoted by the flame retardant manufacturers.  Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Finland, France, UK, Italy, Sweden, Greece and the Czech Republic voted against this harmful and unnecessary flammability standard for TVs. Big thanks to the GSP team, Center for Environmental Health, Commonweal, the…

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