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Health & Environment: The TV fire and flame retardant controversy: deconstructing the data

24 Mar 2014

Whether or not candles cause TV fires has been a cause of controversy, with a recurring argument between those who believe that a standard for ignition resistance is necessary for television manufacture, and those who believe such a standard results in excessive use of environmentally hazardous flame retardant chemicals. Instrumental to the case in favour of the ignition standard is data presented in a series of papers derived from an obscure estimate of causes of fire in Sweden.…

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Scientific American: Do we need flame retardants in electronics?

28 Jan 2014

Fear of fires, especially from lit cigarettes, helped ignite the decades-long practice of adding fire retardant chemicals to furniture and other household items. But evidence that some of the chemicals could cause cancer or other health problems eventually led to a protracted fight to get them out of furniture.…

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