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Houston Chronicle: Chem-free beds are doctor’s orders

4 Jul 2014

…The demand for cleaner furnishings across the country is leading to some other unconventional furniture behavior. Two weeks ago in the Bay Area in California, a foam business owner teamed up with a longtime researcher for a “Safer Sofa Foam Exchange.” Rather than replacing a still-useful sofa, customers could bring in their old couch cushions, have them measured, and order flame retardant-free replacement foam, at a discounted price…

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U-Tech Polyurethane: Foam exchange programme to replace flame retardant furnishing launches in California

20 May 2014

San Francisco, California – A programme called the Safer Sofa Foam Exchange is offering to replace flame-retarded foam in furniture with what the Green Science Policy Institute (GSPI) describes as a “new option for avoiding flame-retardant chemicals.”

The initiative follows the state’s new TB-117-2013 furnishings ‘smolder standard for fabric’ flammability which comes into effect at the start of next year, as previously reported at The move effectively cancels the requirement for fabric-upholstered furniture to pass an open flame resistance test…

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San Jose Mercury News: Bay Area sent two women on first climb to the top of the world. Another never came back.

It did not exactly rival George Mallory’s epic rejoinder when the British mountain climber was asked why he wanted to scale Mount Everest: “Because it’s there.”

But the slogan that Bay Area women who were part of an American climbing team splashed on fundraising T-shirts for the first all-female assault on one of the world’s tallest peaks captured the spirit of the feminist movement — and their expedition — in 1978: A woman’s place is on top/Annapurna…

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14 May 2013

After years of living with a nice-looking but rather uncomfortable daybed in our living room, my family and I went shopping for a new sofa. We explored a range of styles and configurations, trying to find something that looked good, would be cozy, durable, and fit in our rather small space.…

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El Cerrito Patch: New Skinner bill opposes flame retardant in building insulation

15 Jan 2013

Saying flame retardants in plastic wall insulation pose a health hazard, state Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner introduced a bill Monday that would express the state Legislature’s intent to enact laws reducing use of the retardants. Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner has introduced a bill in the state Legislature that seeks to reduce flame retardants in building insulation, her office announced Tuesday.…

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Metropolis: Fire Storm

27 Dec 2012

A Chicago Tribune series this past summer, “Playing with Fire,” shed new light on an old but hidden problem – the ubiquity of toxic chemicals embedded in many of the materials used in our indoor environment, halogenated flame retardants (HFRs) for one. Boiled down to the essentials, the issues call out for our attention…

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