Workshop Prior to DIOXIN 2017: Science and Policy of Organohalogens

August 20, 2017

Before the 2017 Dioxin symposium, leading scientists shared their expertise on the science and policy of organohalogen flame retardants and fluorinated chemicals and discussed strategies for sharing scientific information with decision makers to protect human health and the environment.…

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Six Classes Toxics Reduction Retreat 2016

May 1 – 4, 2016

This annual, by-invitation retreat brought together decision-makers from business, academia, government, and nonprofits to develop and implement creative solutions to reduce the use of harmful chemicals. Past retreats have contributed to several manufacturers deciding to reduce or stop the use of entire classes of harmful chemicals. At the 2016 retreat, we developed strategies to help other major retailers, manufacturers and large purchasers do the same. …

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The Candle Standard Saga Continues

February 16, 2015. By March 20, 2015, committees in over 50 countries will vote regarding the “candle standard” IEC 62441/Ed1. This standard defines requirements for the external casings of electronics to resist ignition by a small candle flame. Such “candle standards” for electronics do not increase fire safety, and are primarily met with flame retardant chemicals that are harmful to human health and ecosystems and prevent the efficient recycling of plastics. The problems with external ignition standards for electronics are…

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