Flame Retardant Dilemma Symposium – April 12, 2013

Event: Flame Retardant Dilemma Symposium
Date & Time: Friday, April 12, 2013 – 08:30 – 16:00
Location: 150 University Hall, Berkeley, California

01Arlene Blum, Ph.D., Visiting Scholar, Dept. of Chemistry, UC Berkeley
How science can inform flammability standards

02Neela Babu, office of California State Assemblymember Nancy Skinner, USA
Translating good science to good policy with AB127

03Steve Clark, President for North America, Aquatherm,
Cavities in lieu of ductwork

04Miriam Diamond, University of Toronto, Canada
The mass and flows of the mountains of flame retardants in our midst

05Terry Edge, Consumer Product Safety, Department for Business, Innovation & Skills, UK
The UK furniture flammability regulations: Can they be improved?

06David Mortimer, Chemical Safety Division, Food Standards Agency, UK
The policy-maker’s dilemma: what happens when you find flame retardants in food?

07Amina Salamova, Indiana University, USA and Azerbaijan
Flame retardants in tree bark from around the globe

08Veena Singla, Green Science Policy Institute, USA
Flammability standard challenges in California and beyond

09Susan Shaw, Marine Environmental Research Institute, USA
Flame retardants and health risks: From marine mammals to firefighters

10Larry Strain, Siegel & Strain Architects, USA
Fire safe and healthy buildings: Do we need flame retardants in insulation?

11Robert Letcher, National Wildlife Research Centre, Carleton University, Canada
Organic flame retardants can have effects in wildlife: An avian outcome pathway model approach