Getting the most out of our redesigned website


One month ago, Green Science Policy Institute launched our redesigned website for 2014. We reimagined the structure and layout from the ground up to help us achieve our mission of getting important information to the consumers, retailers, manufacturers and decision-makers who need it most.

homepageThe redesign begins with the homepage. A regularly updated visual grid highlights our most active topics and exhibits “featured” items such as major new findings, policy decisions, or upcoming events.  From there, our updated About Us and Frequently Asked Questions give a concise picture of the Institute’s current staff, our work, and our accomplishments over the past several years.

New website features make it easy to connect with the Green Science Policy Institute. Look to the right of this page for a link to receive our monthly e-Newsletter (the best way to keep up with our most important news and info). You’ll also find a subscription button to help you keep up with new blog entries as they are posted. And direct support of our work is just a click away on our PayPal-supported Donate page.

The heart of our online content can be found on the Topic Pages. Each page provides scientific background on an issue of concern, and describes research or policy efforts happening around the issue. Learn about the dangers of flame retardants and the policies and standards behind their use in furniture, building materials, children’s products, and home electronics. Keep up with our ongoing expansion into additional chemical classes of concern with the Six Classes lecture series. And check out some of our past projects, including major success stories surrounding bed clothing and children’s products.

At the bottom of each topic page are links to press pieces, GSP blog posts, and presentation material relevant to the topic. You’ll also find information to empower and educate consumers on each page, and collected for easy reference in the Consumer Resources section.

As an up-to-the-minute reference for information about chemicals of concern and the policy decisions that shape their use, this website will be a dynamic and living resource, and we need your help to keep it at its best. To that end, we’ve created an online website feedback form. Think of it as a suggestion box. If something isn’t working correctly right, or if we’re missing something that deserves attention, let us know we’ll get right on it.

Thanks to all our readers and supporters for making the Green Science Policy Institute a robust organization. We look forward to continuing to serve as your best source for unbiased scientific data and policy information surrounding chemical regulation.

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