Hazardous Chemicals and Government Silence — a Dangerous Mix


Imagine this: More than six million Americans have drinking water that is poisoned by a group of closely related chemicals. Some of the chemicals are known to cause liver and thyroid disease, immune system suppression, high cholesterol and cancer; others are the subject of suspicion and ongoing research.

Tort litigation has yielded multi-million-dollar verdicts for chemical exposure victims, prompted a documentary and a Hollywood feature film about the chemicals’ perils. Yet, the Environmental Protection Agency has failed to designate waste containing the chemicals as “hazardous”— a legal status conferring crucial health and environmental benefits…

…That is why our organizations have petitioned the EPA to designate PFAS wastes as “hazardous” immediately and to set strict standards for their management. Our petitions describe the plight of PFAS-affected U.S. communities from east to west and in the far north.

Claudia Polysky, Tim Whitehouse and Tom Bruton

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