Healthy Buildings 2015 America Conference

Event: Healthy Buildings 2015 America Conference: Innovation in a Time of Energy Uncertainty and Climate Adaption
Date: July 19-22, 2015
Location: University of Colorado, Boulder

At this annual conference:

      • Arlene Blum, Executive Director, Green Science Policy Institute, gave the following plenary talk: Flame Retardants and the “Six Classes” of Harmful Chemicals: How Science Can Impact Policy and Purchasing.
      • Arlene Blum, Executive Director, Green Science Policy Institute led a workshop: Healthy Buildings: Reducing the Use of “Six Classes” of Harmful Chemicals
        Workshop Date: July 20, 2015

Workshop description:
Arlene Blum Ph.D., author, mountaineer, and founder of the Green Science Policy Institute, led a discussion of “Six Classes,” or families, that contain many of the chemicals of concern commonly found in building materials and consumer products, the science and policy of flame retardants and other hazardous chemicals, and the national impacts of California’s changing flammability standards.

Conference description:
Healthy Buildings is a unique forum for built environment researchers and professionals to engage with innovative projects, products, and services and to meet and collaborate with colleagues working on the pressing global challenge of making buildings healthy, energy efficient, and sustainable. Healthy Buildings attracts researchers and other professionals from the fields of indoor air quality, built environments, HVAC, health sciences, public health policy, urban planning, mechanical engineering, architecture, building design and management, and more. This year’s conference theme is Innovation in a Time of Energy Uncertainty and Climate Adaptation.