From the New York Times

After working all day on projects for the Green Science Policy Institute, which she started in 2006 to focus on issues involving chemical flame-retardants in consumer products, Arlene Blum heads to the hills near her Berkeley home. She walks the Big Springs trail in Tilden Park, a mere stroll compared to her ascents of Annapurna in Nepal and Mount McKinley in Alaska and her yearlong, 2,000-mile trek across the Himalayas.

MAKING TIME FOR THE OUTDOORS I try to walk every day. I make it my No. 1 priority. I work all the rest of the time. I really enjoy my work, but if I didn’t go walking, I would just work all day.

ADRENALINE RUSH I just love being outside. It makes me really happy. I get some of my best ideas while walking. I can solve difficult, important problems…

Frances Dinkelspiel