Green Science Policy Institute Primer

This page contains helpful links and materials for journalists and others new to the work of the Green Science Policy Institute and the issues surrounding flame retardants and other chemicals of concern. See our latest press releases.

Selected Media Coverage

Presentations (Video)

Telluride Mountainfilm Festival: Arlene Blum – Mountains & Molecules

Arlene Blum: A Dove Real Woman Role Model

TEDx Talks: Dr. Arlene Blum on the pervasiveness of toxic chemicals in today’s world

TEDx Talks: Dr. Arlene Blum on the connection between flame retardants and plastics pollution

Arlene Blum: “Breaking Trail: Peaks, Public Health, and Policy” | Talks at Google

Authors at Google: Breaking Trail with Arlene Blum

Arlene Blum speech for the International Interior Design Association Leaders Breakfast

Produced by Jules Roman Tippet and Maya Tippet and shown at Berkeley Community Fund’s High Hopes Dinner in October 2014, this video prefaced Dr. Arlene Blum’s reception of the Benjamin Ide Wheeler Medal

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The Institute publishes in academic, technical, and popular venues in partnership with leading chemists, fire scientists, and health experts. Click here for a list of Green Science Policy Institute publications.

Six Classes

The Six Classes project educates manufacturers and decision makers about a new way of considering chemicals of concern, by class rather than individually. Visit to learn more and to view presentations on the six classes of chemicals that contain many of the harmful substances found in everyday products.