Workshop on the Responsible Disposal of Flame Retarded Foams and Plastics

This interactive, by-invitation symposium will identify knowledge gaps and research and innovation opportunities for responsible end-of-life management of waste consumer products that contain foam or plastic mixed with flame retardant chemicals.

This symposium will bring together research scientists, engineers, policy experts, waste management businesses, and environmental health advocates from the US and internationally.

Participants will evaluate possible disposal solutions using the following criteria:

  • Economic considerations
  • Technological feasbility and scale-up potential
  • Environmental risks
  • Societal acceptability

When: April 12 -13, 2016
Where: The David Brower Center, Berkeley, CA 94704
RSVP by completing the form below. Meeting agenda coming soon.

Content questions: [email protected]
Logistical questions: [email protected]

With generous support from the National Science Foundation and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, there is no registration fee for the workshop. Funding is also available for travel and hotel reimbursement.

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