The Responsible Management of Waste Foams and Plastics Mixed with Flame Retardants


This interactive, by-invitation symposium brought together an international group of research scientists, engineers, policy experts, waste management businesses, and environmental health advocates to identify knowledge gaps and research and innovation opportunities for responsible end-of-life management of waste consumer products that contain foam or plastic mixed with flame retardant chemicals.

Date: Tuesday, April 12 – Wednesday, April 13, 2016
Location: The David Brower Center, Berkeley, California, USA


9:50am: SESSION 1 – Problem Overview

01Arlene Blum
Executive Director, Green Science Policy Institute
Flame Retardants in Upholstered Furniture: History and Implications

02Avery Lindeman
Deputy Director, Green Science Policy Institute
Towards a Roadmap for Responsible Disposal

10:45am: SESSION 2 – U.S. Municipal waste management and environmental considerations

03Morton Barlaz
North Carolina State University
Overview of Waste Management in the U.S. and How Landfills Work

04Marco Castaldi
Associate Professor, The City College of New York
Current Status of Recycling and Thermal Waste Destruction in the U.S.

05Tom Young
Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of California, Davis
Fate and Transport of Contaminants in the Environment

06Brian Riise
Director of Research and Development, MBA Polymers
Shredder Residue from End-of-Life Electronics and Automobiles as Case Studies

12:45pm: Small group discussion and report-back: Challenges

1:45pm: SESSION 3: PANEL – Environmental impacts of waste management practices

07Glenn Gallagher
California Air Resources Board
GHG Implications of Waste Plastics/Foams Management and Disposal

08Ramin Yazdani
Yolo County and University of California, Davis
Research and Practice in Yolo County Solid Waste Management

09Myrto Petreas
Branch Chief, California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC)
PBDEs in Waste Streams – Health Risks?

2:30pm: Small group discussion and report-back: Landfilling and municipal waste management

3:45pm: SESSION 4 – Flexible polyurethane foam and related industries

10Bob Luedeka
Executive Director, Polyurethane Foam Association
Historic Use of FRs in U.S. Flexible Polyurethane Foam

11Bob Clark
Executive Director, Carpet Cushion Council
Mechanical Treatment of FPF – The Recycling Solution

12Bill Perdue
Vice President of Regulatory Affairs, American Home Furnishings Alliance
Residential Furniture and Flame Retardants

13Wes Sullens
Program Manager, StopWaste
Optimize Recycling – Improving Recycled Foam in Building Products

4:45pm: Closing Activity



9:15am: SESSION 5 – Technologies for flame retardant destruction

14Roland Weber
Independent International Consultant, POPs Environmental Consulting
Existing and Emerging Technologies for Destruction of Flame Retardants and Other POPs

15Donald Lucas
Combustion Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Environmental Considerations for Thermal Treatment Technologies

16Costas Velis
Lecturer, University of Leeds
Recovery of PBDEs-Containing Solid Recovered Fuels (SRF) in Cement Kilns: What We Know

10:30am: SESSION 6: PANEL – Market-scale destruction technologies

17Timothy Matz
Corporate Director of Environmental Affairs, Lehigh Hanson, Inc.
Cement Kiln Technology at Lehigh Hanson

18Tim Johnson
Technical Director, Tetronics
Plasma Arc Technology at Tetronics

19Paul Gilman
Senior Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer, Covanta
Energy from Waste at Covanta

20Louie Wong
Chemical Engineer, Demilitarization and Chemical Waste Destruction, General Atomics
Commercial-Scale Supercritical Water Oxidation

11:15am: Small group discussion and report-back

Destruction technologies

12:15pm: NSF Report – Overview

Sara Petty
Senior Scientist, Green Science Policy Institute

1:45pm: SESSION 7: PANEL – Needs for improved management of waste foams and plastics mixed with flame retardants

21Jamie Rhodes
Program Director, UPSTREAM
Lessons Learned from the Extended Producer Responsibility Movement in the U.S.

22Bryan Martel
Managing Director, Environmental Capital Group
A Business Roadmap for Achieving Responsible Disposal

23Trip Allen
President, Energy Anew
Recycling of Brominated Thermoplastics

2:45pm: Small group discussion and report-back: Opportunities for action

4:00pm: Commitments

4:30pm: Small group discussions and report-back: What’s next?