Responsible Disposal of Flame Retarded Foam and Plastic: Developing the Basic Science

This one-day scientific workshop will bring together experts from academia and industry to develop research projects pertaining to more responsible disposal of foams and plastics containing flame retardants. There are a significant number of knowledge gaps concerning good end-of-life practices for products that contain flame retardants. Participants will have the opportunity to workshop ideas for scientific research to address these knowledge gaps, including research on: available technologies; alternative or lab-scale technologies; and human health, environmental, and occupational impacts. Participants will be asked to complete some pre-work in advance.


    • Discuss the flame retardants used in consumer and other products and the implications for recycling and waste management.
    • Explore opportunities for scientific research to advance improved end-of-life management of these products.
    • Develop collaborative research projects with other leading experts.

When: February 8, 2017
Where: Berkeley, CA
Contact: [email protected] for more information. Contact [email protected] for logistical questions.
Registration is now full. Please contact [email protected] for more information about this project. Draft meeting agenda can be found here.

With generous support from the National Science Foundation and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, there is no registration fee for the workshop. Funding is available for domestic travel and lodging, and space is limited.

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