The Science and Policy of Organohalogens


Green Science Policy Institute held a pre-Dioxin symposium on August 28, 2016. Leading scientists, including Dr. Linda Birnbaum, Dr. Philippe Grandjean, Dr. Roland Weber, and Dr. Myrto Petreas, shared their expertise on the science and policy of organohalogens in consumer products. Topics included flame retardants, highly fluorinated chemicals, and chlorinated antimicrobials. Following short talks, speakers and participants discussed strategies for sharing scientific information with decision makers to protect human health and the environment.

Date: Sunday, August 28, 2016, prior to the 2016 Dioxin symposium
Time: 9:00AM – 4:30PM.
Location: Palazzo dei Congressi, Florence, Italy


Arlene Blum, Green Science Policy Institute and University of California, Berkeley, U.S.
The Six Classes Approach for Healthier Products, People and Planet

Highly Fluorinated Chemicals

Philippe Grandjean, Harvard School of Public Health and University of Southern Denmark
Highly fluorinated chemicals: Is there a “safe” level?

Roland Weber, POPs Environmental Consulting, Germany
Some lessons learned from PFOS/PFAS management in Germany

Manfred Santen & Giuseppe Ungherese, Greenpeace Germany and Italy
The “Detox” campaigns: Fashion and the outdoors

Flame Retardants

Xenia Trier, European Environment Agency, Denmark
Grouping of hazardous substances for risk governance

Roberta Dessi, European Furniture Industries Confederation, Belgium
Flame retardants in furniture in the European Union?

Myrto Petreas, California Department of Toxic Substances Control, U.S.
Good news from California about fire-safe and healthier furniture

Antimicrobials: Triclosan and Triclocarban

Antonia Calafat, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, U.S.
Biomonitoring to assess human exposure to chlorinated antimicrobials

Scientists’ Consensus Statement on Chlorinated Antimicrobials
Triclosan & Triclocarban: Is the Benefit Worth the Harm?

DIOXIN 2016 Science and Policy Symposium Advisory Committee

Linda Birnbaum, Director, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences & National Toxicology Program, National Institute of Health
Miriam Diamond, Professor, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Toronto
Gretta Goldenman, Director, ECOSPHERE / Milieu
Rolf Halden, Director, Center for Environmental Security, Arizona State Univ.
Olga Kalantzi, Assistant Professor, University of the Aegean
Perihan Kurt, Associate Professor, Dept. of Environmental Engineering, Bursa Technical University
David Mortimer, Chemical Safety Division, Food Standards Agency
Myrto Petreas, Chief, Environmental Chemistry Branch, California Department of Toxic Substances Control
Susan Shaw, Professor, School of Public Health, University at Albany– SUNY
Xenia Trier, Project Manager – Chemicals, Environment and Human Health, European Environment Agency
Marta Venier, Scientist, School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University
Roland Weber, Chemist, Environmental Consultant, POPs Environmental Consulting