Cancer is Killing Firefighters: Toxics Found in Burning Materials

April 8, 2019

Cancer is now responsible for more than 60% of job-related deaths among firefighters in the U.S. Now, fire departments across the nation are looking for ways to make one of the country’s riskiest occupations safer. …

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CBS Local: Fire-Suppressing Foam’s Toxic Chemicals Detected In California Groundwater

May 17 2016

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When disaster strikes on a runway, fire suppressing foam can be a lifesaver. For decades, however, there was a hidden danger in the foam itself. The chemical agents in that foam are called fluorinated chemicals.…

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The Shift to C6 in Firefighting Foam and Its Implications

Speaker: Anna Kärrman
Associate Professor of Environmental Chemistry, Örebro University, Örebro, Sweden

Event: Science & Policy of Highly Fluorinated Chemicals

July 12, 2015

Table Mountain Inn
Golden, Colorado, USA…

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The Sacramento Bee: Concern grows in firefighters, others after cancer-causing flame retardants found in test subjects

30 Nov 2014

A growing body of evidence found an array of flame-retardant chemicals – many which are carcinogenic – in test participants, a potential health concern for firefighters and others exposed to the chemicals. The most recent study on flame-retardant chemicals, released in October, found the flame-retardant chemical chlorinated Tris in the blood and urine of all but one of the 16 nonsmoking adults tested in the study.…

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