Sacramento Bee: An insider questions so-called science behind toxic flame retardants

27 Jan 2014

Grant Gillham is a special kind of consultant, the sort chemical company executives would hire to kill legislation that seeks to ban the profitable but toxic substances they produce…Now, after a devastating 2012 newspaper series and a reversal by California authorities, his work is unraveling.…

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New York Times: Danger lurks in that Mickey Mouse couch

24 Nov 2013

Researchers this summer purchased 42 children’s chairs, sofas and other furniture from major retailers and tested them for toxic flame retardants that have been linked to cancer, birth defects, diminished I.Q.’s and other problems. In a study released a few days ago, the Center for Environmental Health reported the results: the toxins were found in all but four of the products tested.…

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UC Berkeley News Center: Post-Annapurna, blazing trails out of the toxic swamp

27 Jun 2013

The determination that made Arlene Blum a history-making mountaineer is apparent, nearly four decades on, as she walks her favorite trail in Tilden Park. You see it not so much in the hike itself, which is gentle enough for business meetings — she calls this placid stretch of green and gravel “my office” — but in how she views a signal breakthrough in her campaign to get toxic chemicals out of America’s furniture.…

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KQED Science: An environmental catch-22: fire safety chemicals in insulation pose risks

26 Jun 2013

Last year, Gov. Jerry Brown directed state agencies to reduce water use and greenhouse gas emissions through a green building action plan to “shrink the state’s environmental footprint.” The order also mandated using “environmentally preferable products that have a lesser or reduced effect on human health and the environment when compared with competing goods that serve the same purpose.”…

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Chicago Tribune: California plan could affect toxic flame retardants in products across U.S.

8 Feb 2013

In a move that could affect consumers nationwide, California officials today unveiled plans to scrap an obscure 1975 rule that led to the buildup of toxic flame retardants in sofas, loveseats and upholstered chairs in millions of American homes. The proposed changes, slated to be officially adopted later this year, mean the foam cushioning in furniture and baby products soon might be free of flame retardants, which are linked to cancer, developmental problems and impaired fertility.…

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