El Cerrito Patch: New Skinner bill opposes flame retardant in building insulation

15 Jan 2013

Saying flame retardants in plastic wall insulation pose a health hazard, state Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner introduced a bill Monday that would express the state Legislature’s intent to enact laws reducing use of the retardants. Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner has introduced a bill in the state Legislature that seeks to reduce flame retardants in building insulation, her office announced Tuesday.…

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Scientific American blog: The environmental fallout of greener buildings

28 Nov 2012

Newer homes are remarkably energy tight thanks to superior insulating materials that are in wide circulation today. The energy savings can be substantial – homeowners can use up to 60% less energy in the most efficient green homes. Now, a study published by a team of researchers in Building Research & Information makes it clear that the very materials that provide us with such energy efficiency are pumped full of harmful flame retardant chemicals.…

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New study: health and environmental risk in building insulation

Foam plastic insulation materials such as polystyrene, polyurethane, and polyisocyanurate are important to increase the energy efficiency of buildings and reduce carbon footprints. However, potentially harmful flame retardants are used to help foam plastic insulations meet a flammability test. Unfortunately, these chemicals have spread around the globe and are now found in just about everything else too – dolphins, birds, our house dust, food, and families. This is a concern because they have been associated with neurological and developmental toxicity, endocrine…

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