First-in-the-nation report on chemicals in kids’ products

Recently, my niece and nephew stopped by a neighborhood street fair.  There was the usual fare but most fun, as far as the kids were concerned, was the face painting.  My niece opted for a pink kitty face.  My five year old nephew went for the zombie (of course).  As they say, it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt.  After removing the face paint with “hypoallergenic” eye makeup remover wipes his eyes began to swell shut.  He went…

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Berkeleyside: Testing Berkeley homes for hazards: What we found

5 Mar 2013

Tong Xiao and Belinda Lyons-Newman recently tested a number of North Berkeley homes for chemical health hazards following scientific studies on the dangers to children in particular. They write about how they tested, what families can do, and where you can find information…

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