Sacramento Bee: An insider questions so-called science behind toxic flame retardants

27 Jan 2014

Grant Gillham is a special kind of consultant, the sort chemical company executives would hire to kill legislation that seeks to ban the profitable but toxic substances they produce…Now, after a devastating 2012 newspaper series and a reversal by California authorities, his work is unraveling.…

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Getting the most out of our redesigned website

One month ago, Green Science Policy Institute launched our redesigned website for 2014. We reimagined the structure and layout from the ground up to help us achieve our mission of getting important information to the consumers, retailers, manufacturers and decision-makers who need it most. The redesign begins with the homepage. A regularly updated visual grid highlights our most active topics and exhibits “featured” items such as major new findings, policy decisions, or upcoming events.  From there, our updated About Us…

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A new year, with promising new regulations

2013 was a productive year for fire safety and for environmental health! Two important regulatory changes that take effect this year have the power to reduce the use of harmful flame retardant chemicals in consumer products while continuing a high standard of fire safety. First, California’s Technical Bulletin 117 (TB117) received a much-needed update in 2013 and is now in effect across the state. Second, California Assembly Bill 127 (AB127) generated a discussion of the validity of building insulation flammability…

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Huffington Post: Flame-retardant furniture may leave a toxic legacy

4 Jan 2014

Arlene Blum was trekking in the Himalayas when new regulations to reduce the pervasiveness of flame retardants hit the books on Jan. 1 — more than seven years after she began advocating the change and 37 years after she first published an article about health dangers of the chemicals. California’s new Technical Bulletin 117 removes a decades-old requirement that flame retardants be included in the filling of upholstered furniture.…

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PBS NewsHour: Calif. law change sparks debate over use of flame retardants in furniture

1 Jan 2014

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Flame retardants are commonplace in most upholstered furniture to help prevent house fires. But studies have linked the chemicals to cancer and fertility problems, prompting California to change the state’s furniture flammability standards.…

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Scientific American: Cancer-linked flame retardants eased out of furniture in 2014

31 Dec 2013

When the clock strikes midnight on December 31, new regulations kick into effect that may help usher in an era of less pervasive flame retardants in our home furnishings. The move caps a years-long campaign to alter regulations inextricably linked with a tobacco industry that sought to elude production of self-extinguishing cigarettes designed to limit couch fires.…

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Chicago Tribune: Toxic flame retardants may be on way out

22 Nov 2013

For decades, U.S. manufacturers have filled upholstered furniture with pounds of toxic chemicals to comply with a flammability standard set by a single state, California. The obscure rule, known as Technical Bulletin 117, brought flame retardants into homes across the country.…

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KQED Science: It’s official – Toxic flame retardants no longer required in furniture

21 Nov 2013

Governor Jerry Brown has revised a controversial law he signed into existence during his first stint as governor, back in 1975. The obscure-sounding “Technical Bulletin 117″, or TB 117, effectively required furniture manufacturers to inject flame-retardant chemicals into all upholstered furniture sold in the state.…

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