Times Herald-Record: Study: Toxic chemicals in Newburgh water, local wells found in fast-food packaging

February 2, 2017

The family of toxic chemicals that includes the ones behind the closure of the City of Newburgh’s primary water supply and the contamination of private wells in surrounding towns is prevalent in fast-food packaging, according to a new study.…

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TIME: You Asked: Can My Couch Give Me Cancer?

August 24 2016

Cancer is just one of many health concerns linked to the chemical treatments used in furniture. Ask a public health scientist about couches and cancer, and you’re sure to hear about a State of California law enacted back in 1975. That law, called technical bulletin 117, or “TB117”, required furniture manufacturers to treat their products with flame retardant chemicals, mainly to protect against fires started by neglected cigarettes.…

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CBS: Popular car seats found to contain flame retardant

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21 December 2015

Limiting a child’s exposure to toxic chemicals is a big issue for many parents, but finding eco-friendly products may cost more than a thousand dollars for a car seat stroller system.

One manufacturer claimed to market the only car seat free from the most hazardous flame retardants, but test results indicate parents may not be getting what they expect, reports investigative reporter Julie Watts of CBS News’ San Francisco affiliate station KPIX……

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Alaska Beyond Magazine: Green Trailblazers

Apr 1 2015

In January 1977, biophysical chemist Arlene Blum and biochemist Bruce Ames, both of the University of California, Berkeley, published an article in the journal Science, stating that Tris, a chemical flame retardant widely used on children’s pajamas, was a mutagen. Their research, alongside findings by the National Cancer Institute, had an immediate impact.…

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SF Chronicle: Hazardous flame retardants ubiquitous in preschools

15 May 2014

Flame retardants are ubiquitous at preschools and day care centers, potentially exposing children to chemicals that are hazardous to their health, UC Berkeley researchers wrote in a study published Thursday. The researchers collected air and floor dust samples from 40 child care centers serving more than 1,760 children in Monterey and Alameda counties and then tested the samples for potentially dangerous flame retardant chemicals.…

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San Jose Mercury News: California seeks to remove toxic chemicals from consumer goods

13 Mar 2014

California took steps to reduce the toxins found in children’s sleeping products and home and building supplies on Thursday, when regulators announced they would begin asking manufacturers to eliminate chemicals known to cause cancer and other illnesses. In making the announcement, regulators with the California Department of Toxic Substances Control rolled out a program six years in the making — the first of its kind in the nation — that aims to minimize consumers’ exposure to toxic chemicals.…

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UC Berkeley News Center: Post-Annapurna, blazing trails out of the toxic swamp

27 Jun 2013

The determination that made Arlene Blum a history-making mountaineer is apparent, nearly four decades on, as she walks her favorite trail in Tilden Park. You see it not so much in the hike itself, which is gentle enough for business meetings — she calls this placid stretch of green and gravel “my office” — but in how she views a signal breakthrough in her campaign to get toxic chemicals out of America’s furniture.…

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