KPFA Terra Verde Radio: A Sticky Issue: The Toxic Truth About Teflon Pans and Other Nonstick and Waterproof Products

29 April 2016


Ever wondered if that chemical coating on your nonstick pan was safe for your health? Tune in on Friday, April 29 to learn more about the toxic chemicals present in the nonstick and waterproof products we use everyday. Dr. Arlene Blum of the Green Policy Institute and Melanie Benesh, legislative attorney with the Environmental Working Group…

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Goop: What We Need to Know About PFOAs

March 31 2016

The toxic saga of chemical contamination related to Teflon and other highly fluorinated chemicals is a long and dark one—it’s most recently captured in Nathaniel Rich’s story, “The Lawyer Who Became DuPont’s Worst Nightmare” for the New York Times Magazine. The chemicals in question (more generally referred to as highly fluorinated chemicals) were originally developed as a powerful waterproofing and anti-stick agent, used to waterproof rain jackets, make frying pans non-stick, improve the texture of beauty products, and even to keep grease from leaking out of food packaging—in short, they’re prevalent in practically every American home.…

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Science Magazine: Tackling Toxics

March 11 2016

Most Americans believe that if a chemical is in their cosmetics, their coat, or their couch, someone is making sure it’s safe for their health. In reality, little toxicity information or regulation is required for 80,000 industrial chemicals used in commerce in the United States. To address this, legislation to update the ineffective 1976 Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) is currently moving through Congress.…

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Mother Jones: The Horrible Chemicals That Make Your Winter Gear Waterproof

February 13 2016

Ever since our early ancestors left the fertile sauna of Africa and headed North, we humans have been searching for ways to fend off sleet and snow and rain and cold. The Inuit once relied on seal and whale intestines to get the job done. Nowadays, we rely on waterproof synthetics. These modern fabrics represent a certain kind of progress, but they also have a worrisome downside. Some of the fluorocarbon chemicals used in their manufacture are dangerous for…

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Colorado Springs Business Journal: Study: Local water contaminated

January 14 2016

Recent studies in Fountain, Security and Widefield show that the water there is contaminated with industrial chemicals that could cause a public health hazard.

Known as perfluoroalkyls, or PFAs, research suggests the chemicals are potent carcinogens and endocrine disrupters at levels far below the Environmental Protection Agency’s provisional exposure limits for drinking water.…

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Civil Eats: The FDA Just Banned These Chemicals in Food. Are They the Tip of the Iceberg?

January 6 2016

On Monday, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that it will withdraw its approval for three chemicals used to make grease, stain, and water repelling food packaging and consider banning seven food additives used in both “artificial” and “natural” flavors. While the news may have gotten lost during the first post-holiday weekday, it’s worth noting. And it raises much larger questions about one of the agencies with the most control over the safety of what we eat. Here’s what you need to know.…

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