Trim Tab: Interview with Arlene Blum


Summiting the world’s highest mountain peaks takes incredible strength, bravery and perseverance. Arlene Blum has climbed many of the world’s highest and most challenging mountains. She planned the first all-woman ascent of Denali in 1970. She led the first American, and first allwoman, ascent of Annapurna I, one of the world’s most dangerous peaks. She was also the first woman to attempt Mount Everest. It is clear that Blum is no stranger to a challenge, which makes her a perfect candidate to help make the world a better, healthier place.

Arlene Blum has spent a large portion of her life trying to protect human health and the environment from toxins that infest many consumer products. When she sees something as harmful as toxic flame retardants in home furniture, nursing pillows, highchairs and strollers, where there is clearly no fire safety benefit and a huge potential for harm, she feels compelled to try to solve the problem…

Joanna Gangi