ChemicalWatch: US Body Abandons Plans for New Flammability Standard


The National Fire Protection Association in the US has voted to halt development of a new flammability standard for residential upholstered furniture. The vote came amid stakeholder concern around the toxicity of the flame retardant chemicals that may have been needed to meet it.

Since 2014, a technical committee and two task groups at the NFPA have been working to develop a method to evaluate upholstered residential furniture subjected to a flaming ignition source. They were responding to a “significant fire issue” posed by burning upholstered furniture, according to Christian Dubay, NFPA vice president and chief engineer.

But the organisation received “numerous comments in opposition” to the draft – NFPA 277. Among these, many raised concerns that its implementation could increase the use of flame retardant chemicals in the furniture.

Kelly Franklin

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