Safer Sofa Foam Exchange


Thank you for your interest in the Safer Sofa Foam Exchange. If you live in Northern California and plan on buying a new couch or swapping out your old foam cushions for new, flame retardant-free furnishings in the next year, please consider participating in our house dust study. Click here for more information.

Introduction: Keep the couch you love while saying goodbye to toxics

An estimated 80-100% of the flame retardants in upholstered furniture are found in the foam inside removable cushions. and other Bay Area foam shops will swap that foam for new foam without added flame retardants.
We estimate a cost of $45-$95 per cushion, depending on cushion size and type of foam desired.

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Beyond the Bay Area

To date, only San Francisco Bay Area businesses have officially joined the Safer Sofa program, but foam replacement is a common service at most foam and upholstery shops.

Email to learn how you can help find a shop in your area, or to tell us if you already know of a shop carrying furniture-quality foam without flame retardants.

Check this space in the coming months for a growing list of businesses throughout the U.S. that can swap your foam and help you go flame retardant-free.

Press coverage

The Safer Sofa Foam Exchange made the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle after its official launch on June 17, 2014.

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