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  • informs decision-making about chemicals
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Who We Are

Our mission is to facilitate responsible use of chemicals to protect human and ecological health. We educate and build partnerships among scientists, regulators, businesses, and public interest groups to develop innovative solutions for reducing harmful chemicals in products.

To achieve this, we:
• Provide unbiased scientific data for informed decision-making.
• Motivate and participate in scientific research that serves the public interest.
• Act as a watchdog for regulations that could lead to increased use of toxics.
• Promote policy and purchasing decisions to reduce the use of classes of harmful chemicals.

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Our Science

The Institute is made up primarily of Ph.D. scientists who specialize in the publication and communication of peer-reviewed research. We collaborate with leading scientists on policy-relevant research projects and translate scientific information to educate key decision makers, the press, and the public.

Our paper on flame retardant chemicals in baby products was ES&T's top science paper of 2011.
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Scaling Mountains to Ban Toxic Chemicals in Pajamas

In this Got Science? podcast, scientist and adventurer Arlene Blum discusses her research on cancer-causing chemicals in kid’s pajamas…

24 Sep 2019

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The Woman Who Got Bromine Out of Kids’ Pajamas Fears It’s Coming Bac…

Among the technical and sometimes arcane-seeming debates at this year’s meeting of the International Code Council was one that grew surprisingly emotional:…

27 Aug 2019

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The People's Pharmacy Interview with Arlene Blum

Arlene was interviewed by Joe and Terry Graedon on the dangerous substances added to everyday products. The podcast, Show 1177: How You Can Avoid …

21 Aug 2019

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PFAS Chemicals in Food: Expert QA

Millions of people have eaten out of them: Molded fiber bowls, the popular food containers from restaurants like Chipotle and Sweetgreen. They are supp…

08 Aug 2019

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“Forever Chemical” Replacements on the Rise in the Great Lakes

As industry phases out certain toxic PFAS chemicals, the compounds are decreasing in and around the Great Lakes, but replacement chemicals—which some argue …

22 Jul 2019

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The Toxic Water Crisis That 2020 Democrats Are Still Figuring Out Ho…

So-called “forever chemicals” are tainting roughly 19 million Americans’ drinking water in 43 states. How are so few presidential ca…

04 Jun 2019

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National Academies Backs Class-based OFR Assessments in US

A National Academies report has backed a class-based approach as the "only possible practical" one for addressing organohalogen flame retardants. But a com…

16 May 2019

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Cancer is Killing Firefighters: Toxics Found in Burning Materials

Cancer is now responsible for more than 60% of job-related deaths among firefighters in the U.S. Now, fire departments across the nation are looking for w…

13 May 2019

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Should You Be Concerned About PFAS Chemicals?

A group of substances known as PFAS chemicals are behind a variety of everyday conveniences that make our lives a little bit easier. They line pizza boxes an…

08 Apr 2019

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Contaminated Groundwater, a Toxic Legacy of Georgia’s Air Bases

For decades, the United States Air Force used a toxic firefighting foam that contaminated water near bases and exposed communities to chemicals linked to cance…

03 Jan 2019

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For 10 Years, a Chemical Not EPA Approved Was in Their Drinking Wate…

For 10 years, some residents in Denmark, South Carolina, have been suspicious of the rust-colored water coming from their taps. They've been collecting sampl…

28 Nov 2018

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Your Questions About PFAS, Answered.

Tom Bruton is a scientist at the Green Science Policy Institute. He joined Stateside to discuss what makes PFAS chemicals so difficult to clean up. T…

16 Oct 2018

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Deal Would Allow Airports to Stop Using PFAS-containing Foams

A provision in legislation to reauthorize the Federal Aviation Administration would allow airports to use firefighting foams that don't contain fluori…

08 Oct 2018

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'What did we do?' Families Anxious about Chemicals Found in Tap Wate…

It's been about three weeks since Tammy Cooper last drank water from her tap. That's when she saw a warning on Facebook for residents of her small Western…

16 Aug 2018

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Multinational Insulation Manufacturers Phase Out Flame Retardant HBC…

Multinational manufacturers Dow, Owens Corning and Kingspan have phased out halogenated flame retardant hexabromocyclododecane (HBCD) from their building…

19 Jul 2018

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Michigan Radio: Michigan Will Spend $1.7 Million to Test for PFAS in…

Michigan will spend $1.7 million to test water supplies around the state for certain kinds of industrial chemical contaminants. The chemicals are known …

18 May 2018

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Science & Policy Blog

Scientists Rebuff Industry-Funded Efforts to Weaken PFOA Health Prot…

Blog by Tom Bruton I recently attended a Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry North America meeting focused entirely on per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances …

16 Oct 2019

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Sinister Synergists

Blog by Joe Charbonnet Synergist chemicals quietly keep a low profile, but they are a crucial part of flame retardants’ act: Think of them as Teller to flame retardants’…

01 Oct 2019

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GSP Launches

Blog by Joe Charbonnet GSP is proud to launch! This website is a central source for PFAS-related news, science, and events. Be sure to share this site on…

21 Jun 2019

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History Highlight: When Superheroes Fought Toxics

Blog by Joe Charbonnet The Avengers franchise has stolen the superhero spotlight lately, but not long ago, heroes wore lab coats, not capes. And though it sounds like a …

24 May 2019

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A Huge Success for Healthier Buildings

Blog by Joe Charbonnet On January 16, the California Building Standards Commission voted unanimously to update the state’s building codes to allow below-grade use of foa…

16 Jan 2019

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Congress opens the door for fluorine-free firefighting foams

Blog by Tom Bruton On October 5, federal legislation was enacted which will allow commercial airports in the U.S. to use firefighting foams without PFAS.  Until now, FAA…

16 Nov 2018

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On America Recycles Day, What Goes Around Comes Around, & It Might B…

By Joe Charbonnet, PhD, Tom Bruton, PhD, Arlene Blum, PhD, and Barbara Kyle Thursday, November 15 is America Recycles Day, when we celebrate the individuals, recycling c…

15 Nov 2018

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Aerial fire retardants: It’s raining red

Blog by Avery Lindeman A wet winter followed by record heat this summer have contributed to one of California’s worst-ever fire seasons. In the month of October alone, t…

24 Oct 2017

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The Obesity Epidemic: What's To Blame?

Blog by Robin Blades About one in three adults is obese in the United States. Another one in three adults is overweight. Altogether, almost 228 million Americans are str…

11 Oct 2017

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Horrors of the Deep: Our Toxic Legacy Still Haunts Us

Blog by Robin Blades Lulu was found on the rocky shores of Scotland tangled in fishing line. An autopsy revealed high levels of human-made toxics called polychlorinated …

20 Sep 2017

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Thank you Dr. Needleman

Guest Blog by Emily Monosson With over 80,000 chemicals on the market, we live in an increasingly synthetic chemical world. So it’s easy to forget the handful of toxic n…

15 Aug 2017

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A Day in the Life at GSP: Veronica Chin

Out with the old, in with the new! Swapping old couches for new ones sounds simple enough. But when you’re doing it for twelve homes it gets complicated - phone calls, de…

21 Sep 2016

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Forty years later TSCA gets an overhaul

In June, President Obama signed into law the Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act (TSCA reform, hereafter), a revision to the 1976 Toxic Substance…

14 Jul 2016

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Monitoring chemicals in our environment with wristbands

Whether to show support for a cause or track daily activity, wristbands and tracking bracelets have become a trendy modern accessory. Why Monitor? Six Classes and…

18 May 2016

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A Perfect Storm

The phrase “a perfect storm” has gone from wildly popular to wildly unpopular. Detractors say it should be banned due to overuse. But it’s not banned yet. A perfec…

07 Mar 2016

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Lead in Water Action Kits Now Available

We’ve heard the stories about lead poisoning in Flint, Michigan. The situation is appalling, infuriating, and heartbreaking. And lead is only one of the industrial ch…

18 Feb 2016

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