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May 2021 : Floor-to-Ceiling Forever Chemicals

In this edition:

  • PFAS in Building Materials: Persistent and Pervasive
  • Looking for Health Studies of PFAS? Look No More.
  • Thousands of Industrial Chemicals Identified in Moms and their Babies
  • Hormonally Active Dust

April 2021 : COVID-19 and Dangerous Doorknobs

In this edition:

  • Watch Now: Science and Communication Strategy for Change
  • How to Have “Clean” Dust
  • Avoiding Both Harmful Antimicrobials and COVID-19
  • Toward Toxics-Free Online Shopping
  • Welcome to Our New Science and Policy Fellow, Hannah Ray

February 2021 : Shades of Green

In this edition:

  • 'Green Buildings' with Hazardous Chemicals Aren't Really Green
  • Toxic Metals in Baby Food! Really?
  • California is First to Regulate the Entire Class of PFAS
  • Help Us Improve Our Newsletter and Win a Prize

January 2021: A Fresh Start

In this edition:

  • PFAS, Forever or Never?
  • Science and Communication Strategy Workshop
  • New EPA Announcements on PFAS a Mixed Bag
  • A Big Mistake in Michigan -- Decades Later
  • Could PFAS reduce the effectiveness of your COVID-19 vaccination?

December 2020 : Can Biden and the EU Tackle Toxics Together?

In this edition:

  • Help us improve our newsletter and win a prize
  • The Fossil Fuel to Breast Cancer Pipeline
  • PFAS-free Holiday Shopping
  • Flame retardant-free climbing
  • Seabird Sentinels
  • Calendar

October 2020 : Sharing Our Strategy for Success

In this edition:

  • A Tribute to Jamie Redford and Kirby Walker
  • PFAS Science & Policy Workshop Talks
  • Squash the Quats
  • Clearer Vision with Safe Simple Soap
  • PFAS: When do we really need them?

September 2020 : Sun, Smoke & Mirrors

In this edition:

  • Aerial Fire Retardants: It’s Raining Red
  • Deep-six the C6?
  • Water Filtration May Reduce Reproductive Harm from PFAS
  • Brominated Flame Retardants in Soft Drinks?
  • Welcome Carol Kwiatkowski, PhD, Our Institute’s New Science and Policy Team Member

July 2020: Staying Healthy: Chemicals and Coronavirus

In this edition:

  • Class-based Approach Makes Strides in Europe
  • Avoiding both Harmful Antimicrobials and Covid-19
  • Interactive Workshop: Science & Policy of Reducing PFAS in Our World
  • Green Science Policy YouTube Channel

June 2020: Don’t Get Sick While Trying to Stay Well

In this edition:

  • Another Reason to Wash Hands: Flame Retardants
  • A Repeating Story of PFAS Contamination
  • PFAS-Free Shopping
  • Toxicity Comes Standard

May 2020: From the Forest to the Zoom

In this edition:

  • Retreat Day 1: Antimicrobials in the Time of Coronavirus
  • Retreat Day 2: Petrol, Plastic, Poisons
  • Retreat Day 3: PFAS and the Class Concept
  • Chemicals, Children, and Celiac
  • Toxics in Tap Water: Problematic for Water Reuse?

April 2020 : Post-Pandemic World, A Better Place?

In this edition:

  • Good News and Bad News About Carpets
  • Where Does Your Sushi Come From?
  • California Wildlife Doing Well During Shutdown
  • Balancing Health, Fire Safety, and Circularity in Europe

March 2020: Why Soap Works Best

In this edition:

  • Rainy Weather and Rain Jackets: A Toxic Combination?
  • Can We Protect Against Viruses Without Harming our Health?
  • It Takes a Global Village: How Denmark Took Action on PFAS
  • And the Chemical Industry?
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