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The Flame Retardant & PFAS Dilemma 2020

When: February 7, 2020

Where: Banatao Auditorium, 330 Sutardja Dai Hall, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, California, USA

9:00am Policy and Purchasing Change on PFAS: What’s Sticking?

Arlene Blum
UC Berkeley, Green Science Policy Institute
Tackling Toxics: The Six Class Concept is Catching On

Anna Kärrman
Professor, Örebro University, Sweden
Human and Environmental Exposure to PFAS

Anna Reade
Staff Scientist, Natural Resources Defense Council
California on PFAS: Gaining Momentum 

Malene Teller Blume
Quality manager & Social Compliance, COOP Denmark
The Super Market: How Coop Denmark led national changes on PFAS

Jane Muncke
Managing Director, Food Packaging Forum, Switzerland
Healthy Food Packaging: Human and Environmental Considerations

Pete Myers
Board Chair and Chief Scientist, Environmental Health Sciences
Yet Another Widespread Source of PFAS: Artificial Turf

PFAS panel and discussion with morning speakers

12:00pm Audience Introductions and Lunch

What’s Next for Toxics?

Keynote Speaker: Jared Blumenfeld
Secretary for Environmental Protection, Cal EPA
My Vision for a Healthy Environment in California

Tony Spaniola
Need Our Water (NOW)
From PBB to PFAS: A Personal Journey
Watch the Trailer for No Defense

Joe Charbonnet
Staff Scientist, Green Science Policy Institute
(I Want to Be in) The Room where It Happens: Private Code Making

Graham Peaslee
Professor, University of Notre Dame
Flame Retardants, PFAS, and Firefighters

Panel and discussion with afternoon speakers and Seth Rojello Fernández

4:00pm Wrap-up and next steps