Six Classes Virtual Retreat
May 2020


Decision-makers from business, academia, government, and the nonprofit sector came together to develop creative ideas to reduce the use of classes of chemicals of concern.  Collaborations from prior retreats have helped advance initiatives towards sustainable chemistry, peer-reviewed research and policies to protect public and environmental health. Due to the pandemic, this year’s retreat was held online for the first time.

You can view the 2020 retreat talks below.

Date & Time:  May 4-6, 2020
Location: Virtual Meeting


Opening Remarks

Arlene Blum, Executive Director, Green Science Policy Institute

Antimicrobials in the Time of Coronavirus

Ted Schettler, Science Director, Science and Environmental Health Network,
Antimicrobials in the Time of Coronavirus.
Anne Cooper-Doherty, Sr. Envir. Scientist, DTSC Safer Consumer Products Program,
Antimicrobials in the Time of Coronavirus: Quaternary Ammonium Compounds.
Rolf Halden, Professor, Arizona State University,
Antimicrobials in the Time of COVID-19: Striking a Balance between Public Safety and Sustainability.
Also, see our introduction to antimicrobials.


Petrol, Plastic, Poisons

Marty Mulvihill, Partner, Safer Made and Co-Founder Berkeley Ctr for Green Chemistry,
Safer Made: Petroleum, Plastic, and Poisons.
Dianna Cohen, CEO & Co-Founder, Plastic Pollution Coalition
Ken Alex, Director, Project Climate, UC Berkeley
Also, see our introduction to the Six Classes.


PFAS and the Class Concept

Linda Birnbaum, Retired Director, NIEHS and NTP,
Challenges of PFAS.
Therese Lilliebladh, Product Requirement Manager, Chemicals, IKEA of Sweden,
IKEA Work on Chemicals & PFAS and the Class Concept.
Bjorn Hansen, Executive Director, European Chemicals Agency,
Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) under REACH and CLP – Overview of ECHA’s activities.
Also, see our introduction to PFAS.