The Flame Retardant & PFAS Dilemma 2020


This symposium brought together contributors from academia, industry, government, and NGOs to share information on the science and policy of harmful chemicals used in consumer products and building materials. Topics included flame retardants, PFAS, and other chemical classes of concern.

Date & Time: Friday, February 7, 2020, 8:30am – 4:00pm
Location: Banatao Auditorium, 330 Sutardja Dai Hall, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, California, USA


9:00am Policy and Purchasing Change on PFAS: What’s Sticking?

01Arlene Blum
UC Berkeley, Green Science Policy Institute
Tackling Toxics: The Six Class Concept is Catching On

02Anna Kärrman
Professor, Örebro University, Sweden
Human and Environmental Exposure to PFAS

03Anna Reade
Staff Scientist, Natural Resources Defense Council
California on PFAS: Gaining Momentum 

04Malene Teller Blume
Quality manager & Social Compliance, COOP Denmark
The Super Market: How Coop Denmark led national changes on PFAS

05Jane Muncke
Managing Director, Food Packaging Forum, Switzerland
Healthy Food Packaging: Human and Environmental Considerations

06Pete Myers
Board Chair and Chief Scientist, Environmental Health Sciences
Yet Another Widespread Source of PFAS: Artificial Turf

07PFAS panel and discussion with morning speakers

12:00pm Audience Introductions and Lunch

What’s Next for Toxics?

08Keynote Speaker: Jared Blumenfeld
Secretary for Environmental Protection, Cal EPA
My Vision for a Healthy Environment in California

09Tony Spaniola
Need Our Water (NOW)
From PBB to PFAS: A Personal Journey
Watch the Trailer for No Defense

10Joe Charbonnet
Staff Scientist, Green Science Policy Institute
(I Want to Be in) The Room where It Happens: Private Code Making

11Graham Peaslee
Professor, University of Notre Dame
Flame Retardants, PFAS, and Firefighters

Panel and discussion with afternoon speakers and Seth Rojello Fernández
4:00pm Wrap-up and next steps