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A Decade of Big Ideas

In 2018, our Institute celebrated a decade of developing science-based big ideas that benefit society.

Watch the interviews with our colleagues for the inside story of our struggles and successes.


Big ideas from our first decade of protecting human health and the environment:

1. Flame Retardants Don’t Save Lives

Flammability standards are key to fire safety and reducing toxic chemicals.

2. No Candle Standard Needed

Electronic cases don’t need flame retardants to protect against candle fires.

3. Flame Retardant-Free Furniture

Changing the California furniture standard can increase fire safety without flame retardants.

4. Safer Insulation Solution

Plastic insulation behind a thermal barrier (such as sheet rock) is fire safe — flame retardants are not needed.

5. The Organohalogen Petition

Consumer Product Safety Commission can ban furniture, baby products, mattresses & electronics cases containing organohalogen flame retardants.

6. Six Classes

Six chemical classes contain most of the toxics in everyday products & and we often don’t need them, given the potential for harm.

7. PFAS as a Class

The highly persistent class of PFAS should only be used when essential.

8. PFAS-Free Drinking Water

Military bases, airports, and production facilities are major sources of the PFAS contaminating the drinking water of millions of Americans.

9. PFAS-Free Food Packaging

Food packaging can contain PFAS — and it isn’t needed.

10. Anti-Antimicrobials

The class of antimicrobials is harmful and not necessary for most uses